Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Organization and Storage

You will see numbers on every work station goal sheet. I just number them as I make them. I use the numbers on a chart so i can check off which goal sheets the students have completed. This is just how I chose to organize my goal sheets.  

All of the materials for each work station are kept in large Rubbermaid containers.  I will take pictures when I have a chance.  At the beginning of the school year, the containers just had a few things. By the end of the year, there will be tons of activities at each station. I use 3M hooks to hang  work station signs off of each container. I also hang other activities that the children can do at that station when the goal has been completed.

All of my work station signs and papers in each station are laminated.  They will last for years. I bought my laminator for about $25 at WalMart 3 years ago and it works great! I get my laminating pouches at Sam's Club. They cost $20 for 200 pouches. This is much cheaper than buying small packages of pouches. 

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